Young Agnes Letestu at the barre


Ekaterina Borchenko at Vaganova Ballet Academy

whenever I watch this, I don’t look at the legs or feet or turn out or whatever

I look at her back

ryanishka and her partner Raul(?) doing that helicopter lift

those muscles 


Paris Opera Ballet school class

At the barre


"I was very excited by stage, I experienced that when I was 11 the first year I was in the (Paris Opera) school because we had a small performance at the Opera Comique and I think it decide me to go on. It’s the excitement, especially to be afraid and finally to give yourself on stage."

- Sylvie Guillem

Gif: 15 years old Sylvie Guillem in the POB school performance “The two pigeons” So basically this is her after 4 years of learning ballet O_o


(Source: ladypaceofmirkwood)

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Ballet on a bad day: Hell without the good stuff

I love this


Five ballet positions

As shown by young Agnes Letestu during her POB School days 


Giselle act II

oooooh! I love this!

Queen Sveta and King David in Bolshoi’s “Sleeping Beauty”


Aurelie Dupont in Rubies


Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev in Flames of Paris