Regular dancers on tumblr need to stop calling themselves 'ballerina'. Not every female dancer is a ballerina, and that is a fact. Ballerina is a rank, not a courtesy title. To be a ballerina, one must be a principal dancer with a world-class company. Little Suzy from Kalamazoo, Michigan who takes class at her local studio is not a ballerina, though the tumblr community will say she is. So annoying.


I get where you’re coming from, when I’m not in a good mood I hate the fact that people get praised in pictures where actually so many flaws are shown. But when you think about it it’s actually amazing that the ballet community tells you this. They’re trying to be nice and compliment you and motivate you and really believe inyou. It’s nice to hear that whenou had a rough class and you’re thinking about quitting ballet. I think it’s a strength.

Yuhui Choe in La Bayadere

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Edward Watson and Natalia Osipova in DGV: Danse à Grande Vitesse




we now return to your regularly scheduled vaganova

Aaahhhh pirouettes from grand plie… so hard. 

You do feel better about yourself when you can successfully do them though!

ugh the controllllll

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who do you want to see as the prima ballerinas in two or three years in bolshoi and mariinsky?


nobody, honestly. at least in Bolshoi. but, you know, Anastasia Kolegova and Olesya Novikova seem to outperform other first soloist at the Mariinsky, so probably I’d love to see them promoted.

What do you think of Anna Tikhomirova?


well, I think she has the right position in the theatre. I enjoy watching her perform important roles like Gamzatti, Gulnaire, Olga in Onegin, Manon in La Dame Aux Camelias; she was also adorable as Princess Masha in The Nutcracker, though I assume that was because she danced with Artem Ovcharenko. but, to be honest, I don’t see her as a lead soloist or principal. I can’t unfortunately say I enjoyed watching her as Kitri ): I think, performing lead/title roles requires being superb in every single aspect of what ballet dancers do… not that I’m saying she’s a bad dancer, no, but principals at the Bolshoi have set a very high rank/plank to reach.

I hope you get what I mean (; thanks for asking!






when you doin a pique on a cliffside

and u gonna manege off the cliff

that how u die in ballet

swan lake is such a beautiful ballet

i like that your lower hand is jarcor

All of sarah is jarcor


if you’re lonely, desperate, needy and sad at least be great at it

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  · Kristina Shapran joined the Mariinsky!!!


Kristinochka joined the Mariinsky Ballet as a First Soloist and made her debut yesterday as Terpsychore in “Apollo” with Vladimir Shklyarov as Apollo and the student Renata Shakirova as Polymnia!!! :’) So happy that at least one Vaganova prodigy has come back to the MT ^-^

omg renata is everywhere now :’)


Sara Mearns as the Lilac Fairy

Photo by Paul Kolnik

I like her hands 



Hannah Bettes

This is not natural what what what what why how



Alex Hyman by Isaac Aoki, January 2013



Natalia Osipova

Credits to Mikhailovsky Theatre